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Mission & Academics

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Academic Goals

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Message from the President

Welcome to  Wenshan University institution with academic excellence and leadership!
Our campus is  in the heart of Wenshan City, Yunnan, China  and our dedicated staff, faculty, and strong student  body make Wenshan University a force for economic development in the Wenshan Prefecture and beyond. Our campus is  growing at the same rate as the entire nation is. We are constantly building new  facilities and the athletics stadium, inaugurated in 2011, is just another  example of our commitment to engage students into healthy and successful lives.
Wenshan  University has an enormous impact on the members of our community, and I  believe that higher education is an essential element to enrich the lives of  the people. I am committed to spread this idea among our faculty, staff,  students, alumni, retirees, and partners while the University works hard to  shape the future of higher education in China and abroad.
With more than  45 undergraduate programs, a fruitful community of 8,000 students, and about 400  faculty, staff, and administration members, Wenshan University  collaborates with local governments, financial intuitions, international  organizations, industry partners, and other institutions of higher education to  advance in academic needs and professional development. We offer innovative  courses in Arts and Sciences, Business, and Education allowing our students to  become successful in their preferred fields of study.

This academic year,  we will continue our many efforts to make Wenshan University’s academic programs  vigorous and meaningful. We look forward to having you join our family and  provide you with unique experiences and a promising future.