International Cooperation  and Exchange

Since 1995, Wenshan University  has set up sister school relationships with colleges and universities in North  America, Europe, Australia  and Asia. Among the countries are the United States, the United   Kingdom, France,  Belgium, Denmark, Sweden,  Australia, New Zealand, Vietnam,  Thailand, and Nepal. So far,  more than 20 international professors from these countries had been invited to  work at Wenshan University. Some of scientific research  projects between Wenshan   University and  international institutions have been completed and some are on the way.

We would take  every opportunity to work with more institutions on as many fields as possible.  We also welcome those who are interested in working at Wenshan University.

Images of International  Activities

            Dr. Evans,    President of Lindenwood University visits Wenshan University

President Hao visits Lindenwood    University, USA

President Hao visits the  Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden

President Hao visits the  University of Waikato, New    Zealand

Mr. Xiong, Chairman of Wenshan  University Committee visits Lindenwood University, USA

Mr. Xiong and his delegation  at Lindenwood University

Mr. Xiong presents his poem Ode to Lindenwood

Dr. Guffey is awarded Excellent Services

Lindenwood delegation at Wenshan University

Lindenwood delegation at Ginseng herb scientific site

Mr. Hao and his delegation  visits Taiyuan Foreign Languages University, Vietnam

Mr. Feng, Deputy Secretary  of School Party Committee (right 2nd) visits UTCC, Thailand

Mr. Xiong and President Hao  show Lindenwood delegation around the campus

Mr. Chen, Vice President at  the EAIE International Education Fairs, Demark

Wenshan University  delegation at Lindenwood University

Mr. Wang, President Assistant  visits Taiyuan Foreign Languages University, Vietnam

Cultural Exchange between Wenshan University and Vietnamese university