The Office of International  Affairs

The Office of  International Affairs takes the responsibility of international affairs of Wenshan University covering employment of  international professors and scholars, recruitment of international students,  international scientific research projects, etc.

We offer degree  and non-degree undergraduate programs for international students every academic  year. Since 2004, more than 300 international students from America, Europe, Asia and Africa have chosen to  study at Wenshan University,  most of who are from the United States,  Finland, Vietnam, South   Korea, Brazil,  and Ghana.  International students from all over the world are more than welcome to  transform their future at Wenshan University, Yunnan, China.

Wenshan University
The Office of International Affairs
66 Xuefu Road
Wenshan, Yunnan 663000
P. R. China
Phone & Fax:0876-2829220   2818559

International Application  Process
Please present the following required documents:
  1. A one-page  application letter (concerning  your education plans, including why you wish to further your education,  long-term goals you possess, or a special experience in your life)

  2. Visa  Application for Study in China  form (JW202 Form) Download here

  3. Resume

  4. Passport - Please  provide a clear, readable copy of the identification page of your passport with  valid date of expiry.

  5. Medical  examination records (completed in your country or in Wenshan, China)


Please  mail or email the required documents to the following addresses:

Wenshan University
The Office of  International Affairs
66 Xuefu Road
Wenshan, Yunnan 663000
P. R. China
Phone & Fax:  86-876-8886234

  1. When applicant arrives in Wenshan with the  invitation, he/she is required to fill out the Residential Registration Form  and International Student Information Form

  2. All international students are required to order  the medical insurance; ��?00 RMB (6  months) or ��?00 RMB (12  months).

  3. Wenshan University will help international  students with the residential registration and visa paper work. Three passport  photos are needed. The visa fee is��?00 RMB (12 months) or ��?00 RMB (6 months)

  4. Each international student is required to give a  copy of his/her new visa to the Office of International Affairs.

  5. Medical insurance. All students should be  insured while studying in China.  Students may carry any health insurance policy they choose, however, Wenshan University does not provide any  insurance for students.
                   Application fee. The application must be submitted along with a nonrefundable��?00 RMB application fee.


Tuition and Fees

1. Registration fee                                                                                     ��?00 (RMB)

2. Tuition fees
             Degree program (per year)                                                            ��?8,000 (RMB)
             Non-degree  program (per year)                                                    ��?4,000 (RMB)
             Short term  program (per month)                                                     ��?,000 (RMB)

3. Housing


Cost    (per year)


4 beds


With solar heater

6 beds


With solar heater

8 beds


Without solar heater

4. Medical Insurance (Mandatory)

                 Insurance fee (6 months)


Insurance fee (12 months)


5. Other fees*
             Meals (per day)                                                                                   ��?0 (RMB)
             Water & electricity (monthly)                                                             ��?0 (RMB)
             Textbooks (per year)                                                                         ��?00 (RMB)
             Experiment, field study, Travel, etc.                                                               TBD

* Prices are estimates and  subjected to change

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